How to Apply for an NIE

Find out how you can apply for your NIE number when you are abroad or in Spain.

NIE applications can be made in Spain at designated police stations or at the Spanish consulate in your country.

Regardless of where you apply, you will need to schedule an appointment to initiate the application, and once issued you will need to schedule a follow-up appointment to collect the NIE.

Foxes can also help you with your application. In order to offer this service, you will need to provide POA (Power of attorney) to the Foxes legal team.

There are 3 ways to give POA:

  • In Spain at a notary (around 70 Euros)

  • Online $209

  • Or from the country, you are in, but you will need to organise a visit to a notary and the fees change depending on them but it is normally more expensive.

We normally charge 249+tax for each NIE, however, speak to your broker to check any relevant offers.

UPDATE: Due to a backlog of NIE requests in Spain, it is recommended if you need your NIE quickly that you apply through your nearest consulate. Read how to do this here.