Will I need to travel to Spain to sign?

Can I purchase my property while overseas?

If you appoint the legal team at Foxes to carry out the conveyancing and grant us the relevant power of attorney we can handle everything for you with no need to travel.

When you grant Foxes power of attorney, it allows us to do everything on your behalf. This means we can sign purchase agreements and other legal documents for you. It saves you time and costs associated with travelling. You might not be able to travel or even want to. We can also obtain NIE's numbers and be present at the notary on your behalf to complete.

At Foxes, we have a network of lawyers who can attend notaries throughout Spain and its islands, including the Canary Islands and the Balearics. Once everything is signed, we’ll arrange to get the keys and the necessary paperwork that you need to gain access to your new Spanish property.