What is a tourist license - how easy is it to obtain?

Do I need a tourist license?

A tourist license is compulsory in almost all regions in Spain. You must have a license if you intend to rent out a property for tourist purposes or for short-term rentals (less than three months).

Each of the autonomous communities (administrative districts) of Spain has slightly different regulations in place. You will need to check the specific requirements that apply to the location of your property.

Without a tourist license, you could be fined and encounter problems with insurance companies. Also, some of the biggest holiday rental sites (such as AirBnB and booking dot com) require you to state the tourist license number to be listed and will deactivate adverts that do not comply.

You apply for a tourist license through the local town hall. Different fees and waiting times are available depending on the area. Foxes can help you with every aspect of a tourist license, including the parameters required for your property and the rules that will apply to it. We will complete the application with you and send it on to the relevant authorities and liaise with them as necessary.