Do you charge upfront for a mortgage?

At Foxes we do not charge anything if we cannot get you a mortgage OR you do not accept an offer

Foxes do not charge upfront fees for a mortgage. We only charge upon acceptance of a mortgage - meaning if we cannot get a mortgage for the applicant OR we get a mortgage that is not accepted then there will not be a fee.

We begin with a telephone consultation to understand your needs, personal and financial circumstances, and property requirements. This enables us to determine the likelihood that an applicant will be able to secure finance in Spain. If we do not feel we will be able to secure a mortgage then we will not request paperwork.

If we feel it's likely, we will request all paperwork via our secure document portal. Once we have a full set of paperwork we approach the lenders, advise the client of the offers and then it's up to the applicants to decide. If you ACCEPT a mortgage offer, we charge €1,500 plus tax and 0.5% of the total mortgage amount on completion of the binding paperwork.